Grocery List

So this is what happens when you send Mr. P to the grocery store unsupervised. While I am grateful that he is willing to go at all, I never know what he is going to come home with. Also, he really doesn’t have a sense of urgency. The whole point of asking him was that I needed something quick. Instead, I waited over an hour while he explored the supermarket like it was a foreign land. (more…)

Dance Central

Over Christmas, Mr. P got the new Xbox. We finally opened it recently. After hours of him playing his other games, he suggested we get some cardio in with the Dance Central game. Well after one song, he was wheezing on the floor, gasping for breath, and acting like he was in a lot of pain. It was only one song…and on the easiest level.

I’m also not sure how he missed almost all the moves… (more…)

Tricolor Mashed Cauliflower

This is a simple and tasty Parmesan Mashed Cauliflower dish featuring three colorful layers of cauliflower.

Sorry it’s been a little quiet here lately. It’s been an extremely busy start to the year and there hasn’t been time to get another comic done. So instead, I’m sharing a recipe featuring our current food obsession: cauliflower. I recently discovered how well cauliflower works as a substitute for potatoes. So far I’ve successfully made mashed cauliflower, cauliflower tots, and cauliflower buffalo wings. I’ve even made cauliflower pizza dough! (more…)

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