So we actually had this post ready to go for our regular Thursday posting, but unfortunately, we were both so busy yesterday that we didn’t get a chance to publish it! So hopefully you can enjoy this while waiting for the weekend to start.

I don’t know why this is, but Mr. P never seems to know what he will like, even when I do. I recently had an opportunity to go to Nashville and I took him along with me. (more…)

Now Vs. Now

One of the most frustrating things I find about Mr. P is his sense of urgency. If I need him for something, I always have to wait a good 15-30 minutes before he’ll respond. But when he wants me to do something, even if it’s something as non-urgent as looking at some funny photo he saw on the internet, he will not leave me alone until I drop everything I’m doing and look (and I usually am doing something important). I don’t know if this is a common problem other couples face, nor can I explain why he is like that.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Eating Your Vegetables

Because apparently trying to feed Mr. P vegetables is the same as trying to kill him…

Mr. P often acts like a kid when it comes to vegetables. He freaks out about them, he complains, etc. What’s interesting is that he has no issues eating his vegetables when we are at a restaurant, but when we are at home he can be so difficult. I recently have been experimenting with some delicious cauliflower appetizers and this was his initial reaction. Happy Thursday everyone!

Fake Pots

Since Mr. P doesn’t cook, his knowledge of kitchen items is limited to the very general form: pot, knife, etc. If I ask him for a bread knife, he won’t know what to hand me. We have a set of mini cocottes (casserole/dutch oven) which I love using for serving food. A mini one looks just like the full one except it’s tiny and only meant to be used for a bowl and not for actually putting on the stove and cooking with. Apparently Mr. P didn’t know the difference. (more…)

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