Running Schedule

We previously gave you a glimpse of how Mr. P’s first day of running went. After he finally got over the pain of that run, he was determined to run every day and justified that for why he can eat multiple ice cream cones a day or other unhealthy stuff, however, as you can see from the comic, his “I will run everyday” actually means he will run one day and make excuses for the rest.

After a few weeks of this, I finally forced him to run more by going with him. We haven’t been running every day, but at least it’s a couple of times a week now.

Honeymoon in Rome

Last week, Mr. P and I celebrated our two year anniversary! We are now entering “Married Life Year 3.” Since we normally post on Thursdays, I thought we’d do a “Throwback Thursdays” post, reminiscing about a particular moment during our honeymoon. Unfortunately, life happened, and we didn’t quite get around to finishing in time for a Thursday post. And by life, I mean the flat tire I got on the way home and the discovery that my car model does not come with a spare tire. Also every car shop nearby that had my tires were closed for the night. Ugh. Luckily, everything worked out well the next day.

So onto this comic. When we went on our honeymoon, I thought it would be the most romantic thing in the world to revisit the spot where Mr. P carved our initials during the first year we were dating. Of course things never turn out how you imagine. If you’ve ever visited St. Peter’s Basilica, you know that there are literally millions of carved initials because all the tourists that pass through have the same idea. (more…)

Getting Fit For Summer

Now that summer is here, Mr. P has finally been inspired to do some exercise. His motivation comes and goes and I find myself needing to push him to keep going. The first day he ran, this happened. I knew this was going to be the case, which is why I told him to just run around the blocks in our neighborhood rather than run all the way to the park and back which is a few miles and uphill. Luckily, he listened to me…

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Happy July 4th!


Mr. Lazy

So, this happened… Yes he really ate an entire pie in one night (minus my slice) rather than have to put the leftovers away.

I’m not sure what to be concerned more about: his laziness or his unhealthy eating habits. We’re currently working on the diet part, as I’ve made him finally start a regular exercise routine. There’s quite a few comic stories to share from that too.

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