Sleeping Habits

It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly Mr. P can fall asleep. It takes me a while to shut off my brain, relax, and go to sleep, but for Mr. P it’s almost instantaneous. He reminds me of Garfield. He’ll tell me he’s tired and before that sentence is even over, he’s full out snoring. Oh yeah, that “Z” at the end should be a really loud snoring sound. (more…)

Guest in the Kitchen

Does this happen to you? Despite having moved in 8 months ago, Mr. P still maneuvers around the kitchen like it’s his first time. I really don’t even know how he makes himself a meal in there when I’m not around. He doesn’t seem to know where any of the utensils are, he never puts cleaned tableware away, etc. Happy Thursday everyone!

Jacket Envy

Is there a term for the slight jealousy/hurt feelings one experiences when their own parents give attention to their significant other? Mr. P developed a little bit of that recently when he found out his mom had bought me a nice raincoat. He spent the rest of the week touching it, complimenting it, and attempting to try it on. Silly silly. Happy Thursday everyone!

Rainy Days

One of the perks of having a significant other is having someone that will finish the food you don’t want, right? At least that is how it is for Mr. P and me.

Rain in the summer is pretty rare in San Diego, though this summer we’ve had a few out-of-the-blue thunder and lightning storms. One of these storms happened over a weekend when we had plans that involved massive amounts of ice cream, shakes and shaved ice because of the hot weather during the week. So even though it was rainy and muggy, we forged ahead anyway, but the rain really sucked all the fun out of it…Luckily I had Mr. P to finish off my unwanted cold sweets.

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