Rainy Days

One of the perks of having a significant other is having someone that will finish the food you don’t want, right? At least that is how it is for Mr. P and me.

Rain in the summer is pretty rare in San Diego, though this summer we’ve had a few out-of-the-blue thunder and lightning storms. One of these storms happened over a weekend when we had plans that involved massive amounts of ice cream, shakes and shaved ice because of the hot weather during the week. So even though it was rainy and muggy, we forged ahead anyway, but the rain really sucked all the fun out of it…Luckily I had Mr. P to finish off my unwanted cold sweets.

Don’t Ask Me Anything

Mr. P doesn’t mean to, but he is constantly giving out wrong information. What is mind boggling to me is that it’s always stuff he should know the answers to.

He’s become quite friendly with our neighbors who moved to San Diego from the East Coast, so they often have questions on where to go shopping, how the weather is going to be, garden stuff, etc. Last week I overheard this conversation from inside the house, where he managed to make my beloved wax apple fruit sound so unappetizing, forget what trees we have in the yard (for the billionth time), and misinform the neighbors as to when the rain season starts. He’s only lived in San Diego for 14 years… Sigh.


I’m sure most of us can relate…

I once forgot my own address and gave the handyman the wrong address on a Monday. I’ve never forgotten my pants though. But this Monday, Mr. P nearly did. He got all the way to the front door to leave before realizing he didn’t have pants on. But then given how casual his workplace is, I wonder if they would have even cared.

How to Setup a BBQ Grill

Today we answer the age old of question of how many people does it take to set up a BBQ grill? Well in our case, it took 5 days, the help of a neighbor and two technicians from the electric company. Not to mention the additional hassle of the discovery of no hot water at 1 AM because the pilot light for the water heater had been shut off. But it’s up and running now! (more…)

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