Live, Camera, Action!

Last month I had my first live TV segment, where I demonstrated how to make one of the recipes from my cookbook. Mr. P was very supportive, patiently waiting while I tried on a zillion different outfits, accompanying me on trips to buy new tools, and even taking a few hours off work so he could be there for me to help calm my nerves.

However, this being Mr. P, he also inadvertently caused some major stress the morning of the segment when he took a big bite out of the cake I was bringing as my finished cake. Continue reading

When Guys Plan

Last week Mr. P’s childhood friend came to visit and no one was there to pick him up when he arrived. Mr. P assured me that I didn’t need to plan anything and that he and his friend Steve had everything taken care of. Yet, even the night before, when I asked for details, he didn’t seem to know which train his friend was taking, which station he was getting into, what the agenda was for dinner, etc. Continue reading

Memory, Rinse, Repeat

As we head into Memorial Weekend, here’s a little snapshot from our lives this week. It’s always frustrating to me how poor Mr. P’s memory is. It’s bad enough he doesn’t hear or retain half of what I say. But on top of that, he constantly forgets things he knew before. It’s this constant process of relearning things he already knows. Anyhow, it’s been a long week and we’re ready for the weekend. Have a great weekend everyone!

Travel Planning

Hi everyone! We are back with another comic, having now recovered from our recent trip to Taiwan.

While I love exploring new places with Mr. P, I absolutely hate the lead-up to the trip because Mr. P is pretty useless. While I spend weeks researching and carefully planning everything, he does nothing. If I assign him one task, he still manages to screw it up.

In the 15 years we’ve been together, the single most angriest moment I’ve had with him was during our honeymoon to Paris. I had taken care of every step except transportation from airport to hotel, which I asked Mr. P to take care of. In his incomplete research, he concluded the best way to get to our hotel was through the subway system. A bad idea considering this was our first time in the country, we didn’t even have the correct currency yet, and it was late at night.

So instead of an easy breezy shuttle ride that would have cost less, we went through a 3 hour ordeal trying to get to our hotel, after a 10+ hour flight. Continue reading

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