Always CC the Wife

And we’re back! Sorry for the delay. Mr. P has been quite the sickling lately. Since the start of 2015, he’s gotten sick three times. The latest two occurred back to back. First, he got a cold around the middle of March, but he couldn’t seem to kick it completely for more than 2 weeks. Then we were finally able to enjoy a few blissful days of back to normal healthy days, when he got sick yet again. And this time was the worst. He got a nasty stomach virus and took me down with him. Usually a stomach virus clears up in about 3-5 days, but this particular one lasted more than a week.

But now we’re finally better and I’ve gotten extremely strict on Mr. P’s eating habits. Before, he used to point to the fact that he never got sick, so why should he listen to me about healthy eating. Now he can’t say that anymore and I think getting sick so much this year has scared him too. He’s finally eating fruit everyday, taking walks with me, and I’ve been making him chicken soup from scratch every day to boost up his immune system.

Now about this comic. Seriously, I don’t know why people tell stuff to Mr. P. It never reaches me unless you tell me too. And it’s not as if he is Mr. Responsible. He won’t RSVP, he’s not the one arranging gifts for important milestone parties we can’t attend, etc. And of course, I’m the one who gets an earful later when we’ve missed some big event that I wasn’t even aware of! Most of my male married friends have a good system of cc’ing their wives on emails if it involves get together plans. Mr. P never does that with me. I’m pretty sure I’d go nuts if I were to find out now how much Mr. P has accidentally forgotten to tell me over the years.