Are You Going to Wear That?

Happy Friday everyone! We’re back with another comic. It’s been really busy around here. We just returned from a trip to Orlando and are slowly recovering from all that walking.

The other day Mr. P mistook my going out clothes as my sweats/sleeping clothes. This comment coming from a guy who often goes out in free t-shirts and jackets with holes in the elbow area. I am the one that has to do an “outfit check” with him when we are going somewhere nice because otherwise he might be wearing ripped jeans and sneakers. So I found it a little ironic that he was judging my wardrobe. Especially since we were just going out to get some pizza!

On another note, can you believe it’s already March? Where has the time gone? It’s time to get our gardening started again. We lose an hour this Sunday which I hate, but I’m excited for longer daylight hours!