First Christmas Tree

This will be our first Christmas together and Mrs. P wanted it to be memorable and that starts with the tree. We originally agreed on a small tree, but the small fake trees barely had any branches. So in the end, we ended up with a larger tree than we had anticipated. Unfortunately, the tree setup was more grueling with a much nicer quality tree than we were expecting. I was up half the night spreading the 1000+ branch tips. We originally thought this would be a starter tree and we’d get something bigger and nicer once we have a family and house, but it looks like we are stuck with this one. At least it really does look nicer than the fake trees both Mrs. P and I grew up with.


    1. If only… Are you picturing what I’m thinking about in my head? A Christmas tree next to or over the bed and I’m the present with a bow. Yes?

      Thanks for the comment Hernan!