Helping Out in the Kitchen

There was a time when Mr. P supposedly cooked for himself. Given the stuff that happens when I ask him to help me out, I really doubt that. I’ve been trying to slowly get him to lend me a hand in the kitchen. Each time though, it seems like he creates more problems than alleviation. He’s stuck my defrosting fish back into the freezer, put raw chicken to thaw in our salad bowl, mixed up my meat and non-meat cutting boards, etc. I don’t know if he’s doing it on purpose so I won’t ask for his help anymore, but I am determined that he at least master the basics so that when I really need his aid or our future kids do, he’ll be able to do some elementary kitchen cooking.

There’s been so many instances of these little mishaps, that I’m thinking of writing a recurring series of “Helping Out in the Kitchen” strips.

Happy New Year everyone!