Holiday Anniversary

Hi Everyone! We’re sorry we haven’t been able to share more comics. There have been a lot of funny stories I want to share, but life has been busy and Mr. P has his time spread across many different projects. I do hope we can update a little more frequently, but we will have to see.

So this year we learned that having our wedding anniversary coincide with a holiday weekend is not ideal. We don’t usually travel during July 4th weekend, but we should have known how crazy it would be. Restaurants had longer lines (one place had a 4 hour wait!), tourist attractions had more crowds and restrictions, etc. And even though we scheduled our flight to land several hours after the conclusion of the fireworks, there was so much traffic from the fireworks display that none of the parking shuttle buses or rideshare services were able to get through into the airport pick-up for several hours.

Oh well, lesson learned. We’ll have to think of a new tradition for next year!