House Dilemma

When we were planning our wedding, we were also frantically looking for a house. I don’t think we gave it too much thought as to why. It just seemed the thing to do. People get married, they own a house, etc. But do to my “pickiness” according to Mr. P, we weren’t able to find the ideal home. Recently we finally had an opportunity to purchase a home and we really started thinking about all the details: the payments, insurance, work. And suddenly owning a home didn’t seem such a great idea anymore. We have been debating the pros and cons the last few weeks and I even asked a friend who just bought a home if it was worth it. She told me “Owning a house means having more chores. And I cry a little inside each month when I have to cut the mortgage check.”


  1. Owning a home is also an amazing experience. Yes it’s expensive but at least you’re putting money towards something you OWN as opposed to a land lords pocket. Being able to make changes (painting, flooring, etc) is awesome and I recommend it. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the input. We definitely see advantages as well, but it was just an interesting observation when we were deciding and see all the issues of owning a home. Also sorry for the very delayed reply. I don’t usually check on a normal basis. It’s supposed to be Mr. P’s responsibility, and I just check on days I’m writing.