How to Setup a BBQ Grill

Today we answer the age old of question of how many people does it take to set up a BBQ grill? Well in our case, it took 5 days, the help of a neighbor and two technicians from the electric company. Not to mention the additional hassle of the discovery of no hot water at 1 AM because the pilot light for the water heater had been shut off. But it’s up and running now!

Mr. P is definitely getting better with his DIY projects, saving us quite a chunk of money by setting up the shut off valve and connector needed for our natural gas grill himself. But it was a little embarrassing to have SDG&E send over two gas and electric technicians after 5 days of Mr. P struggling to light the grill. In the end, it was a quite simple fix. He simply needed to turn on all the burners at once and let the air out. It lit right away, letting the SDG&E guys have the shortest home visit ever. Afterwards they just hung out outside of our house chatting with each other since the visit was so short.