Kids Only

We recently went to Legoland for the first time after being gifted with a pair of tickets. We’d never been in all our years in San Diego and so we were quite excited. While we knew that Legoland is mainly for kids, we figured it would be like any other type of amusement park where you’ll see a fair amount of teenagers or young adults hanging out too. But we soon learned differently. We noticed right away that about 99.9% of adults there came with kids and we soon started getting stares for not having a kid with us.

I’m not quite sure why Legoland is viewed as place to only visit when you have young kids. I actually had a lot of fun seeing all the amazing things they built out of Legos, and for once the rides were not scary!

But we felt so awkward as people were giving us looks and especially when the women in line in front of us starting gabbing about why people would actually go to Legoland without their kids. The one consolation was when we kept seeing lone men with cameras (we presume they were dads), finding spots in the bushes to take photos of their kids as they went by on rides. They looked way creepier than a young couple without any kids.


  1. hm when I went a few years ago I didn’t notice there were only kids. I wonder if people stared at me too.