Living with a Food Blogger Series

Yikes, you guys. We didn’t mean to go on hiatus for so long. Things have just been really busy and the color panels take a lot longer to draw as well. We’re starting a new recurring series, Living with a Food Blogger, where we’ll share some amusing behind-the-scenes moments from the food blog aspect of our lives. Already, I have quite a few stories to share. Like why our microwave has smelled like burned food the past week…story to come.

We’ll try to post when we can, but most of Mr. P’s spare time has gone to making videos. If you follow the food blog, you may have noticed that we’ve started making those quick 1-minute overhead recipe videos. Even though the videos are only about one minute long, they take several hours to film and even more time to edit. We also don’t have much of a video/film background so it’s taking us a lot of time and trial and error to learn everything.

That’s all for now. We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!