Mine Versus Ours

When it comes to food and other things, Mr. P is open to sharing, always saving me half of his snack or dessert. But he’s quite possessive of his personal items, like his sweater or pillow or blanket. One thing I’ve noticed since getting married is that things are conveniently “his” when he wants to be possessive, and then are “ours” when he wants a part in it. For example, if I spend too much, then it’s “our expenses” so he should have a say in it.

We usually have two blankets on our bed because he claims that I hog the blanket at night. However, last week, I found him taking a nap in the new blanket I had been using. He had discovered how soft and fluffy it was and wanted to use it too. When I pointed out that it was my blanket and he had his own, he replied that it was “our blanket” since it was from the wedding and therefore he could use it. Does your signficant other use “mine” and “ours” when it most conveniently suits them?