So we actually had this post ready to go for our regular Thursday posting, but unfortunately, we were both so busy yesterday that we didn’t get a chance to publish it! So hopefully you can enjoy this while waiting for the weekend to start.

I don’t know why this is, but Mr. P never seems to know what he will like, even when I do. I recently had an opportunity to go to Nashville and I took him along with me. I knew he would love the city. Fried food, bbq, this is all up his alley. Also the atmosphere and energy. But leading up to our trip, Mr. P wasn’t enthusiastic at all. It was like I was dragging him to the middle of nowhere. And of course, once we arrived he loooved everything. He ate nonstop, constantly declaring his love for Southern food, and he even wanted to go and check out the country music bars at night!

We really did have a wonderful time in Nashville though. The city was so welcoming, there was always music playing and the food was pure comfort indulgence.