Mr. P and I took a quick mini trip to Ohio. Neither of us have ever been, so it was great to experience it, even though the trip was so short. Despite the short trip, we did learn quite a few things:

*We are not equipped for cold Ohio weather. California has clearly spoiled us. It wasn’t so much the cold air as it was the blisteringly gush of cold winds that did us in.

*The supermarkets are amazing and huge. Next time I visit, I want to spend a full day in supermarkets.

*Ohio folks really like their ice cream. The ice cream parlors are open until 11pm and still super busy! Unheard of here at home. We loved Jeni’s ice cream.

*College football is very important.

*There are a lot of Wendy’s locations. Also Tim Horton’s, which I thought was only available in Canada.