Our First Thanksgiving

I love Mr. P and his family. They are friendly, welcoming, but one thing they are not is organized. It’s something I’ve had to learn to adjust to over the years. I first noticed it during his college graduation party when relatives arrived hours after the scheduled time. Then there was the time his parents came to celebrate his birthday on a different day than what Mr. P had told me they’d be coming. And of course there was the incident where Mr. P’s dad was still missing 20 minutes after our wedding ceremony was to have started..

So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that disorganization struck our first ever Thanksgiving together. It’s really times like this that this blog was created for. This was our first Thanksgiving together. I’ve never missed Thanksgiving with my family so having to miss this one was tough. I was mentally preparing myself for it months in advance and tried to cheer myself up with the thoughts of a large feast. Thanksgiving is my favorite eating holiday and each year Mr. P shows me photos of all the food at his large get-together. While I was going to miss my family, I was also looking forward to this large gathering of people and food. I’d been preparing and testing recipes, constantly asking him who would be there, what food would be made, how many I needed to bake for, etc.

Then the night before, while I was gathering all my recipes and about to start my epic night of baking, Mr. P informed me that he had some bad news. The Thanksgiving feast was off. I’m not quite sure how I reacted, though I would like to think it wasn’t as dramatic as the look in the last panel. Apparently a lot of his cousins and relatives had decided to go to Las Vegas instead but his parents didn’t know until the last minute.

Of course it wasn’t all miserable. We did end up going to his grandma’s house and his aunt prepared turkey, stuffing, ham, and a lot of other dishes I had been looking forward to. So I got my Thanksgiving dinner. And a story to tell from it too.