Behind the Scenes of Housewarming Day

This weekend, we had our first official house party. Despite being completely exhausted, we had a good time hosting and hope our guests had fun. We plan on hosting others in the future, but will try to ease the cooking load on my part, as I completely overextended myself trying to make every single item we’d be eating. As a result, some foods got cold too fast and others ended up being decorated quite ugly. I hate serving ugly food! …Continue reading

Mini Strawberry Rhubarb Pies

These sweet and tart individual pies are baked right into mini cocottes, making them perfect for serving.

Recently I worked with rhubarb for the first time, and I’m in love. From the pink/red hue, to the unique tart flavor. I had some leftover strawberries and rhubarb, so I thought I’d bake a few mini pies for Mr. P.

I decided to bake them right into my mini cocottes, making them easy to serve, re-heat, and store. …Continue reading

Eating My Food

Apparently even when you’re married, you might have to hide or label food with “do not touch.” I normally don’t care what food Mr. P takes. After all, we are married and we do share almost everything. But lately he’s been eating specific items he isn’t supposed to: fancy crackers I bought for our housewarming party, sample snacks I was sent to try and review for my blog, etc. I specifically kept these items separate from the general snacks/food area, but he managed to get to them anyway. It looks like I will have to resort to hiding stuff again.