Pastry Party

We just returned from a trip to Europe! Another indication of aging was how long it took us to get over jet lag. We used to be able to bounce back in a day, but this time we never quite fully adjusted during our trip, and once we got back, I was exhausted for over a week. This is a scene from our first day in Paris. I really miss those 1 euro croissants! In my defense, most of those half eaten croissants were scattered over the floor, not on the bed I was sleeping in when Mr. P came back.  …Continue reading

Hasselback Potatoes


We’re pretty busy over the next few weeks, so the posting schedule may be a little erratic.

I bought a giant bag of potatoes so I could make potatoes with corned beef. But of course, I only need a few, so now we have a lot of leftover potatoes.


One way I used some up is by making hasselback potatoes, also known as accordion potatoes. …Continue reading

Birthday Wishes

Apologies for the lack of posting. Spring is always a hectic time of year for us. We just celebrated both our birthdays, attended a wedding, and have been very hard at work at the new house.

We recently had our backyard landscaped and Mr. P has also been building a lot of things for the house. I do want to post some updates of the house here soon. …Continue reading


So we’ve been starting some of the bigger house projects including trying to do something for our backyard so it’s not just a pile of mud. Turns out, even simple landscaping is really expensive. While interviewing different contractors, I got the same feeling as I did when we went through wedding vendors: outrageous prices and interesting characters.

We have made some progress though, including a garden bed (which we ended up buying after the DIY mirror experience) and we bought quite a few fruit trees. We’ll try to share some photos soon. Have a good weekend!