DIY Lessons

So there’s definitely a learning curve with Do-It-Yourself projects. This was one of Mr. P’s first and it took much longer than expected, led to a lot of frustration and anguish (for me). He originally was going to build a garden bed next but after the mirror, and seeing the cost of a pre-made garden bed, he told me just to buy one. Lol.

Though his DIY projects have gotten better. He built a shoe shelf and a staircase for our backyard with ease. Hopefully I won’t have any more stories like this to write.

Oh Jiminy

Since moving, we’ve discovered that our new place is located in an area with more nature/wildlife and as a result, there are a lot of crickets outside. Some of them slip into the garage and jump around at night. Mr. P has refused to let me kill them, saying they are harmless and good luck. He’s also named each one Jiminy..

Well, the other day he accidentally smashed the life out of one that had gotten into the house. It’s not bad luck if the killing wasn’t intentional right?

Secret Mailing List

I’m not really sure who I’m talking to in these strips…apparently myself.

Since moving in, we’ve been inundated with junk mail relating to home stuff: security systems, garage doors, roofs, closets, remodeling, landscaping, etc. It’s getting a bit ridiculous. Our mailbox is completely full, they have stuff on our doorknob and some of them have even managed to stick flyers through the door. I know that property purchases are public record which is probably how we get put on these mailing lists, but it’s still a bit crazy. It took about a year and a half to get off all those wedding company mailing lists. Anyone know how long before the new homeowner mail stops?

Post Valentine’s Day

We didn’t do a Valentine’s Day post, but I thought we’d share a recap of our Valentine’s Day. Mr. P tries to mix it up a little bit every year, but it’s basically the standard flowers and candy. He’s usually been pretty good with surprises, but since we’ve been married it’s gotten a lot harder to hide things away for surprises…