Who is Stronger

Apparently my shoulders are much stronger than Mr. P’s. It must be all the years of carrying around a big purse with all the “just in case” essentials. Mr. P didn’t last one day carrying my camera in Japan. It was a nice offer on his part, but I ended up carrying my camera most of the trip.

Lost in Translation

Hello, hello! We are sorry for the long hiatus. Things got busy, then we went on vacation, and now here we are. We have several stories to share from our trip to Japan. Here is the first one!

We actually had an amazing meal at this restaurant– it was just really awkward when the owner kept calling Mr. P “Donald Duck.” Since there is a Disneyland in Tokyo, I couldn’t help but wonder if he thought we were pranking him. The language barrier was quite difficult to deal with since we don’t speak Japanese and many of the restaurants we went to didn’t have English speaking staff. We’ve been to so many countries, but Japan might have been the hardest to communicate in. Interestingly, the “must-try” restaurants that are popular among food tourists usually had the least amount of English spoken and random places we’d stumble into usually spoke more English (probably to attract tourists in).


Mr. P has this pattern of always storing something I need somewhere very far and completely out of my reach. For example, stacking it on the highest shelf, underneath several heavy boxes. I’m not quite sure why he does this because it’s just more work for him since then he has to get the items for me. Continue reading

Starwars is Coming


I guess the title of this post should be Star Wars is here. Mr. P is a huge fan of Star Wars and has been eagerly anticipating the opening of this movie. A few weeks ago he actually started counting down the days. I thought he was counting down the days until Christmas or another special occasion, but no, he was counting the days until the Star Wars release. Continue reading



It’s funny to watch the progress of our anniversaries through the years. After we got married, we both thought we should honor the traditional wedding gift themes by year (e.g., paper for first year, cotton for second, leather for third), but rather than just buy a gift, it has to be something we put our own effort into. Continue reading

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