Bring on the Heat

Mr. P’s low tolerance for spicy foods has always been a running joke in our family. He does enjoy eating spicy food though and over the years we’ve been slowly building up his tolerance. However, every once in a while, he gets a little overconfident on how much spice he can handle.

During a recent visit to a new spicy hot pot restaurant, Mr. P was sweating so much that he actually looked ill. It just so happened that we were seated right in front of the entrance and customers coming in were doing a double-take when they saw his face. Luckily, he didn’t actually scare any customers away.

Microwave Versus Oven

New comic!! I know it’s been so long. I’ve been pestering Mr. P about finishing this comic I wrote all the way back in February. But he’s been distracted with his new side projects and so this comic has been sitting in the queue for the longest time.

I hope we can share more soon because I have sooo many more stories to tell. Like why we have a dent on our ceiling… Or how Mr. P shattered his phone… Stay tuned and we hope everyone has a great week!

Living with a Food Blogger Series

Yikes, you guys. We didn’t mean to go on hiatus for so long. Things have just been really busy and the color panels take a lot longer to draw as well. We’re starting a new recurring series, Living with a Food Blogger, where we’ll share some amusing behind-the-scenes moments from the food blog aspect of our lives. Already, I have quite a few stories to share. Like why our microwave has smelled like burned food the past week…story to come. …Continue reading