Starwars is Coming


I guess the title of this post should be Star Wars is here. Mr. P is a huge fan of Star Wars and has been eagerly anticipating the opening of this movie. A few weeks ago he actually started counting down the days. I thought he was counting down the days until Christmas or another special occasion, but no, he was counting the days until the Star Wars release. …Continue reading



It’s funny to watch the progress of our anniversaries through the years. After we got married, we both thought we should honor the traditional wedding gift themes by year (e.g., paper for first year, cotton for second, leather for third), but rather than just buy a gift, it has to be something we put our own effort into. …Continue reading

Happy Halloween

Sorry no comic this week as we were preparing for Halloween festivities. First up, pumpkin carving!

As many of you know, I’m a Star Wars fan, and with the release of the full trailer and movie tickets for opening weekend, I had to design something that included two of my favorite characters (Darth Vader and Boba Fett). Yeah, the bad guys… 🙂 Of course Jenn wanted a cute design. She decided on Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel.


lit pumpkin

I drew these designs with the intention of not having any breaks. The usual jack o lantern cuts all the way through to the hollow center, but these are cut halfway through so the lines stay connected.

I also felt I needed to participate in the Halloween festivities at work by making a costume the night before. Unfortunately, since we don’t normally dress up for Halloween, we don’t own any costumes, so I couldn’t just throw on something simple and feel satisfied. (Why don’t I own just a simple mask or masquerade mask?!) So 10pm the night before and I’m trying to figure out what can I make? I was looking for something fun or weird silly and for some reason this “Nyan Cat” just came to the forefront. I took about 3 hours to cut, paint and rig the head gear. I was pretty satisfied and giggling in the mirror at 1am.

Here is the result of my efforts: …Continue reading

Helping Out

This is usually what happens when Mr. P tries to “help out.” A few weeks ago, he removed all of my nicely organized and folded kitchen towels from their drawer when he was searching for something and just had them laying on the dining table. Despite living in our house for more than a year, he rarely knows where anything in the kitchen goes. …Continue reading

Reading Instructions

Hello, hello! Sorry for the long silence. This month has been crazy busy.

There’s a cliché that men hate to ask for directions, even when they are lost. I’ve always thought myself so lucky that Mr. P isn’t one of those men. But recently I realized that he refuses to read the instructions for a new purchase. I don’t necessarily read instructions first either, but if I can’t figure it out, then I’ll turn to that handy little booklet.

Mr. P’s continued refusal even after he can’t figure something out is mind boggling to me. He’d rather curse at the product, press random buttons over and over for an hour, rather than take a few minutes to consult the instructions. I think he’s finally starting to see my point, but he’s still being pretty stubborn about it.

Helping Out in the Kitchen

I’m thinking of doing a series devoted to when Mr. P is in the kitchen. Several times now, something boils over or burns on the stove while he is in the kitchen and he does nothing about it, claiming he didn’t hear it/see it/smell it. I’m having a hard time believing his excuses…

We hope everyone has a fun, relaxing and safe long weekend!

Live, Camera, Action!

Last month I had my first live TV segment, where I demonstrated how to make one of the recipes from my cookbook. Mr. P was very supportive, patiently waiting while I tried on a zillion different outfits, accompanying me on trips to buy new tools, and even taking a few hours off work so he could be there for me to help calm my nerves.

However, this being Mr. P, he also inadvertently caused some major stress the morning of the segment when he took a big bite out of the cake I was bringing as my finished cake. …Continue reading

When Guys Plan

Last week Mr. P’s childhood friend came to visit and no one was there to pick him up when he arrived. Mr. P assured me that I didn’t need to plan anything and that he and his friend Steve had everything taken care of. Yet, even the night before, when I asked for details, he didn’t seem to know which train his friend was taking, which station he was getting into, what the agenda was for dinner, etc. …Continue reading

Memory, Rinse, Repeat

As we head into Memorial Weekend, here’s a little snapshot from our lives this week. It’s always frustrating to me how poor Mr. P’s memory is. It’s bad enough he doesn’t hear or retain half of what I say. But on top of that, he constantly forgets things he knew before. It’s this constant process of relearning things he already knows. Anyhow, it’s been a long week and we’re ready for the weekend. Have a great weekend everyone!