Microwave Versus Oven

New comic!! I know it’s been so long. I’ve been pestering Mr. P about finishing this comic I wrote all the way back in February. But he’s been distracted with his new side projects and so this comic has been sitting in the queue for the longest time.

I hope we can share more soon because I have sooo many more stories to tell. Like why we have a dent on our ceiling… Or how Mr. P shattered his phone… Stay tuned and we hope everyone has a great week!

Living with a Food Blogger Series

Yikes, you guys. We didn’t mean to go on hiatus for so long. Things have just been really busy and the color panels take a lot longer to draw as well. We’re starting a new recurring series, Living with a Food Blogger, where we’ll share some amusing behind-the-scenes moments from the food blog aspect of our lives. Already, I have quite a few stories to share. Like why our microwave has smelled like burned food the past week…story to come. …Continue reading

On Loss and Healing

Happy New Year everyone! We are debuting a new comic and a new style. Now in color!

Yes this is a comic series and we generally try to keep things lighthearted. But this blog was created with the intent of finding laughter in the good and the bad as we navigate through married life and recently we experienced a loss that affected us both very deeply and I felt we couldn’t post another comic without addressing it. …Continue reading