Romans Are Warriors

For our honeymoon, we went to France and Italy. It was a big culture shock and we learned a lot in our experience. In Rome, we met up with Mr. P’s family including a Roman Uncle who was very enthusiastic in teaching us the Roman way of life. Our biggest life lesson on this trip was that Romans are Warriors.

Despite being retired and more than twice our age, Uncle Roman has more energy than the two of us combined. Our first day, he took us for a “short” sightseeing walking tour, which ended up being more than 2/3 of the entire city of Rome. Everyday during our stay in Rome, we were exhausted, barely able to walk or talk by evening. Uncle Roman was fit as a fiddle, never needing to stop for water despite the triple digit temperatures, guzzling wine at meals, and wanting to visit the bars at night too. Perhaps it’s all the wine, but the Roman people seem to have super human strength. — Mrs. P


Does your significant other have a secret stash of snacks? I’m always amazed that Mr. P never needs anything when we go grocery shopping together, and then I’ll find his secret stash: iced teas, energy drinks, trail mix, etc. I’m not sure his reasoning. Perhaps he thinks I’ll veto all the sugary beverages he is buying.  –Mrs. P

Going Home

This comic basically plays out what it was like my first trip back to my parents’ home after getting married. I’ve told the story to many friends, who told me that they went through a very similar experience.

I know my parents love me and that I always have a place in their house if needed, but I was quite taken aback by their sudden need to purge the house of all my things now that I was married, when they never felt the need to before. — Mrs. P

Does It Still Count?

Our ceremony was held outdoors at the very same spot where Mr. P proposed. We thought it was beautiful and romantic, but we didn’t realize all the complications that come with an outdoor ceremony that also takes place in a very public touristy place. Not only did we encounter many gawkers, but we also had to deal with a lot of outdoor noise.

For some reason, a helicopter baring an ad for single people thought this mass of crowd gathering was the perfect place to buzz over. No one was able to hear my vows at all because the helicopter was so loud. During the ceremony, one of the groomsmen joked that perhaps my vows didn’t count since no one could here them. I’m a little sad my vows were unheard. I was in such a trance during the ceremony that I literally do not recall anything I said and was hoping a video playback would remind me. But I guess not. I like to joke now that I don’t have to uphold my vows since no one heard them.  –Mrs. P