On Loss and Healing

Happy New Year everyone! We are debuting a new comic and a new style. Now in color!

Yes this is a comic series and we generally try to keep things lighthearted. But this blog was created with the intent of finding laughter in the good and the bad as we navigate through married life and recently we experienced a loss that affected us both very deeply and I felt we couldn’t post another comic without addressing it. …Continue reading

Taste Tester

When I ask Mr. K to taste test something, it’s usually a finished recipe that I am happy with. When he asks me to taste something, it’s something that has spoiled and he wants me to confirm it. After obliging for several years, I’ve finally decided enough is enough. I refuse to test his questionable foods. I think he’s old enough to figure out if something has gone bad and if it tastes off, it should just be tossed rather than risk getting sick.

We hope everyone has a great weekend!

Ordering Starbucks

Happy Friday! We don’t go to Starbucks often (there are so many great local roasters near us), but we do have a Starbucks rewards card and we’ll stop in when there is a deal or to redeem a free drink. Starbucks’ free earned drink is especially generous because it applies to any size drink and you can customize to your heart’s content, adding espresso shots, syrups and more. Mr. P loves to maximize and get the most expensive free drink he can order, so he’ll spend a lot of time creating his custom drink. …Continue reading

Baby Potatoes

Lately, we’ve had several instances where Mr. P stuffs something in his mouth before I can even finish warning him that it’s not what he thinks it is. Like with these garlic cloves. Now if only he cooked more in the kitchen, then maybe he wouldn’t make these mistakes?

Sawdust Fiasco

Mr. P loves to take on little “projects.” I don’t mind him finding new hobbies–anything to get him away from his game playing– but almost of his projects have similar results. First, he’s convinced he has to buy a ton of new tools to do his project. Then for several days he’ll be completely engrossed in his new project, spending every moment of his free time working on it. And then after a few days, he’ll abandon it. His projects have resulted in us buying a sewing machine (he wanted to alter his own clothes), half a dozen wood cutting tools (he was going to built furniture), ruined baking pans (he used them to bake mini clay figures)…the list goes on. …Continue reading