Out at Comic Con

Sorry there is no official strip this week. It’s not so much that we were busy preparing for Comic-Con, but rather all Mr. P has done these last few weeks is play Pokemon Go and hasn’t done anything else to create a comic story. He plays at work, at home, when we’re out. When he’s not playing, he’s researching and reading up on the game. If only he was this diligent with other things. Anyhow, we are at Comic Con this weekend, though we are not dressed up like this illustration. Have a great weekend!

Getting Ready for Comic Con

It is less than one week until San Diego Comic Con! It really snuck up on us this year. You’d think Comic Con is all just fun, but it’s also quite physically exhausting, especially if you’re there from start to finish every day. We usually try to do some “endurance” training the weeks leading up to Comic Con so that we’re ready for all the walking and carrying around heavy bags full of purchases and random free swag. I’ve been exercising pretty regularly the last few months, so I think I’m good to go, but since our vacation to Japan, Mr. P has put a permanent snooze on his daily evening calendar reminder to exercise. (I’m not kidding. He used to have a daily calendar reminder at 7PM that would pop-up on his phone to exercise. He kept hitting snooze/dismiss everyday and eventually cancelled it.) …Continue reading