Pumpkin Mochi Cake


I hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend.

I thought I’d take some time to share a Thanksgiving recipe that we make every year without fail: Pumpkin Mochi. Oh, and share our little adventure at the airport.

This dessert is a perfect fusion of American and Asian cultures, which is probably why it’s such a big hit at our Thanksgivings.

Over the years, I’ve baked these in small cake molds, squares, etc. This year, I just baked them in a large cake pan and then cut them up. Apparently when you go through the X-ray machine at airport security, these innocent blocks of orange goodness look like an explosive in the making. I placed this container in Mr. P’s luggage not knowing this would happen. I had desserts packed in mine as well, but I guess mine didn’t look suspicious. Mr. P was detained as airport security had to run this. Twice. This actually happens quite often with him, and it almost always involves food. Luckily, they eventually believed him and these treats got to their final destination.


You can view the full recipe here.