Romans Are Warriors

For our honeymoon, we went to France and Italy. It was a big culture shock and we learned a lot in our experience. In Rome, we met up with Mr. P’s family including a Roman Uncle who was very enthusiastic in teaching us the Roman way of life. Our biggest life lesson on this trip was that Romans are Warriors.

Despite being retired and more than twice our age, Uncle Roman has more energy than the two of us combined. Our first day, he took us for a “short” sightseeing walking tour, which ended up being more than 2/3 of the entire city of Rome. Everyday during our stay in Rome, we were exhausted, barely able to walk or talk by evening. Uncle Roman was fit as a fiddle, never needing to stop for water despite the triple digit temperatures, guzzling wine at meals, and wanting to visit the bars at night too. Perhaps it’s all the wine, but the Roman people seem to have super human strength. — Mrs. P