Sawdust Fiasco

Mr. P loves to take on little “projects.” I don’t mind him finding new hobbies–anything to get him away from his game playing– but almost of his projects have similar results. First, he’s convinced he has to buy a ton of new tools to do his project. Then for several days he’ll be completely engrossed in his new project, spending every moment of his free time working on it. And then after a few days, he’ll abandon it. His projects have resulted in us buying a sewing machine (he wanted to alter his own clothes), half a dozen wood cutting tools (he was going to built furniture), ruined baking pans (he used them to bake mini clay figures)…the list goes on.

For his latest project, he decided he wanted to build a simple wood box to hold his cell phone charger so it wouldn’t slip around in the car. Even though we already have quite a few saws, sanders, etc, from his last wood project, he insisted he needed more. Two days later, I opened the garage to find it a thick haze of sawdust. He hadn’t opened any windows or the garage door, so the sawdust was just concentrated in our garage. And the dust had covered everything in the garage. All over my shoes, my car, all the things we kept in storage, etc. For the next few days, every time I was in the garage for a few minutes, I would be sneezing, eyes watering, etc. I told him he had to clean out the sawdust, so he finally did…

And then promptly got sick the next day. I didn’t even know it was possible to get sick from sawdust until he did. And then, he got me sick as well. It was just a cold but it’s the first full blown cold I’ve had in more than two years, sapping me of all my energy, so it definitely wasn’t fun. So that’s one of the main reasons why we haven’t posted in a while. But now everything is (hopefully) back to normal. We hope everyone has a great weekend!