Star Wars Trilogy

Perhaps pretending to be into the movies your husband likes is something that should have been covered during the dating phase when you’re trying to impress the guy, but somehow I’ve gone all these years without watching the original three Star Wars. I decided it was about time I did, so I could understand some of the references always made to Star Wars. When I told Mr. P, he was ecstatic. He was also really into watching me watch the movie. I couldn’t get up or turn my head away from the screen without him screaming I was going to miss something important.

I will say, I’m glad I watched them. I may have fallen asleep during the first one, but I enjoyed the second and some of the third. And it was nice understanding references made to Star Wars and finally knowing all the characters names. I still don’t understand why Mr. P’s favorite is Boba Fett though. I expected him to make a grand entrance but he was such a minor character. That led to a whole other discussion best left for another day.