Toothbrush Replacement

So here is our latest little adventure… I’d like to think I really look that cute when I’m mad, but I doubt it.

It was ridiculously frustrating trying to get Mr. P to switch his toothbrush. Our master bathroom has two separate counters. All the teeth brushing happens on my side. I first put the new toothbrush on my sink counter.  After 2 days and still unopened, I moved it to his side, which has nothing on it so it’s kind of hard to miss. Still nothing. Then I put it DIRECTLY on the toothpaste, so he’d have to actually move it to get to the toothpaste. And again, nothing! And that’s when I went a little nuts, especially when he claimed he didn’t know where the new one was.

Hope everyone is having a good week! We’ve been decorating the house for Christmas. It’s taking us forever but hopefully we’ll finish by this weekend.