Training for Comic Con

Last week, Mr. P and I attended Comic Con. I definitely feel like our experience each year shows our age. When we first started going, we would have boundless amounts of energy. No recovery time was needed. We could stay out late, be up early the next morning, etc. With each year, we call it a day earlier and earlier. We need more rest and we no longer can walk as much as we could before. To get ready for this year’s Con, Mr. P started strength training, exercising, etc. But it didn’t help much. By the end of day one, he was thoroughly exhausted, his feet were starting to hurt, etc. By the end of the weekend, Mr. P was practically limping when he didn’t have his shoes on. I teased him about not aging well, especially since we met a 70 year old grandma who was doing Comic Con by herself and got up super early to attend the most popular panels and was on her feet all day standing in lines.