Unwelcome Visitor

So apparently there are these insects called wood boring beetles.

Let me back up slightly. With the warmer weather, one of the house lessons we’ve learned is that with owning a house with a backyard comes insects. We started getting ants in random parts of the house, which Mr. P traced back to our neighbor’s house. So then we bought one of those strong outdoor pesticides, spraying the entire perimeter of our house. This seemed to take care of the ants and some of the crickets, and we also discovered some scary looking dead spiders that got caught in the poison.

Then this past weekend, I had a huge fright when a beetle bore a perfect hole through our drywall and emerged into our master bedroom. It didn’t help that we were watching the sci-fi thriller Orphan Black at the time (side note: if you haven’t seen it, it’s a totally addicting show and I don’t even like sci fi stuff normally). It was like a scary scene from out of a movie.

Mr. P noticed it before me and tried to get me out of the room without me seeing it. Silly Mr. P. If he really wanted me out of the room, doesn’t he know me by now? He should have said there was chocolate or cookies downstairs waiting for me.