When Guys Plan

Last week Mr. P’s childhood friend came to visit and no one was there to pick him up when he arrived. Mr. P assured me that I didn’t need to plan anything and that he and his friend Steve had everything taken care of. Yet, even the night before, when I asked for details, he didn’t seem to know which train his friend was taking, which station he was getting into, what the agenda was for dinner, etc.

Apparently in all their one syllable back and forth conversations, they also didn’t figure out who was actually picking up Hernan. Each one assumed the other one was doing it and it wasn’t until our friend was at the train station that we realized no one was picking him up. After they got that sorted out, Mr. P immediately asked me “What’s the dinner plan?” You know, after telling me all week I didn’t need to plan anything and didn’t need to make any reservations…

I don’t think I’ll let him plan anything again for a really long time.


  1. But I loved the mystery and romance of being haphazard. Great stories and great times !